Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sniff, sniff....dear god what is that smell?

I thought it would be fun to revisit a previous blog post and do the inverse. So this shall be a list of scents I don't enjoy. Now, I'm not talking about the obvious things like port-o-potties, or skunks or anything of that nature. No one likes the way those things smell, except, perhaps another skunk. These are things that aren't obviously offensive but that make me, if not gag, at least grimace.

1. Cigars. Most right thinking people also hate these, but considering that people still make and smoke them clearly not everyone does.
2. Celery. It is a vile food.
3. Onions. All I have to do is pass through a room where they are being chopped and I can taste them for ages afterwards. Bleck.
4. Low tide. Specifically in a bay. It smells of decay.
5. Polo by Ralph Lauren. My brother spilled almost an entire bottle of this in our basement when he was in high school. On the carpet. We all hate it, even him.
6. Tuna fish. Do I really need to elaborate?
7. Beer. Nothing more than apple juice gone wrong if you ask me. And on someone's breath? Ew.
8. The generic industrial hand soap that is found in the restrooms at the local Harris Teeter and my favorite barbecue restaurant in town. It looks like Dial, but it's not. You have to wash your hands with something else and sometimes add a scented lotion too to rid your hands of its vile stench. If everyone had the same reaction as I did they wouldn't have it anymore. Alas and alack.
9. Sauerkraut.
10. Bell peppers. They overwhelm everything else in a dish with their taste and scent.
11. Cedar wood. I know that cedar repels moths and other such things, but it makes me think of a rabbit hutch.

Feel free to share the scents you secretly loathe. I know you have them. Everyone does. Come, confide in me.