Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Who!

As you can see there are two important details about this blog post. 1)I have modified my display name to be less sexually charged, and 2)this is the first post in over a year!!! Yes, I took slack blogging to a sloth inspired art form, but a lot happened last year and I chose to not be introspective at the time. (That and Facebook gobbled up a great deal of this sort of thing). I really did miss this, and now I have a much clearer focus for the direction I want this blog to go in.

One of my more ambitious projects for this year is to attempt to read 100 books. 10 books in 10 categories in 2010. I can't take credit for the idea as I read about it in a online article for Library Journal. I like the challenge aspect of it and it gives me a way to focus my obscenely large to be read pile. (It really is rather out of control; if I actually owned or had all of the books on the list an entire room in my house would be needed to store them. But I digress). At any rate, I am going to hone my book reviewing skills here. I'm also thinking that I will post roughly twice a week to begin with and see how that goes.

So there you have it. The blog won't be exclusively about books, but I intend that to be my main focus, at least for now.