Friday, April 13, 2007

travel tips 3

What? More tips? Yes, I am a know-it-all and I like to share. Here are some tips that I forgot in 1 & 2.

1.) Wear as little make-up as possible, especially on long flights.
2.) Pack disposable moistened clothes in your purse or carry-on. That way when you land you can refresh your face and then put make-up on if you have to. This is again, more useful on longer flights.
3.) Do not wear perfume, colonge or after-shave when flying. Share this tip with the teen-aged males in your life. Passing someone who has showered in their perfume or colonge is gross enough, imagine being cooped up for hours on end in a flying sardine can with no fresh air. Pass the air-sick bag please.
4.) When traveling with a child, even on a short flight, be sure to pack snacks and assorted things to amuse them like books or games (video or travel versions) or ipods. It will help keep them from getting bored which means they will be less likely to annoy their fellow travelers. Flying makes a lot of people nervous and generally speaking they are less tolerant of natural child-like behavior than they normally would be. Also, it will give the kids something to do in the terminal which will keep them from wandering off.
5.) If you are a nervous flyer pack something to distract yourself as well. No, I don't mean booze!
6.) If you are on vacation pack a journal of some kind. Even if you aren't a writer you can at least jot down where you went and what you did. For example: Tuesday, went to the MOMA and had lunch in their cafe. Hated all of the art. Dinner tonight will be at the Russian Tea Room. (I don't hate all of the art in the MOMA, I've actually never been and don't even know if they have a cafe. I was just trying to illustrate a point. Stop your criticism.) This will help you to jog your memory when talking about your trip or when scrapbooking your photos. Or even just adding captions to your photos in an album, online or otherwise.
7.)Other items that are a good idea to pack are a raincoat (especially if you are traveling in Spring or going someplace known for crazy weather), slippers (I have pair of Isotoners that look like ballet flats. They pack well, weigh almost nothing, feel good, and keep my bare feet off questionable carpets.), Band-aids (I know, the company doesn't want their name used to refer to all of these types of things, but what on earth do you call them? Adhesive strips? That sounds like tape.), anti-biotic ointment (like Neosporin) and moleskin. Walking a lot, no matter how comfy your shoes are, often leads to blisters. These three items will save the day.

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rainbowCipher said...

The journal idea is great! Whenever I travel I like to create a journal that details what I did each day. You'd be surprised how fast you'll forget the little things, which to me are often most important.

When traveling I am the child... I must always have something to distract me, because being on a place, couped up in such small confined space with so many people can be disastrous if I don't have anything to do.

The MOMA is cool, I've been to the one in SF and NY, loved it. Don't recall them really having a cafe, though they do have shops where you can buy prints, which are nice to have, but difficult to travel with.

Booze can be a rather easy way to help time pass on a long flight, and by long I mean 5+ hours, though it should be noted that it can, and more than likely will, annoy surrounding passengers.