Thursday, May 24, 2007

A rose by any other name

This is not about roses. It is about scents, or rather, my sense of smell and the scents I enjoy. (I figured a Shakespearean reference was better than calling this blog Odor-rama).

There is no other way to say this: I have a strong sense of smell. (This also results in my being more sensitive in the taste department as well but that's another blog entirely). What do I mean by strong? Imagine being able to smell someone's bubblegum, from four to five feet away. Or their lip gloss, or lotion, or hairspray, or the flavoring in their coffee. Or in one spectacular case being able to smell someone's cologne from about twenty feet away while others couldn't smell it from two. You get the idea. This of course creates some problems for me since the world is a smelly place, and frequently not in a good way.

But it does make pleasant scents that more enjoyable. What do I think is pleasant? Glad you asked. (Ok, so you didn't really, but I'm going to tell you anyway!)

Freshly laundered clothes and sheets.
Baby powder.
Suntan lotion.
Bread baking.
Bacon frying-but only while it is frying, afterwards it smells stale.
A distant charcoal grill.
Apple cider heating.
Butter melting on corn on the cob.
A clean dog, or rather, my dog after his bath.
An ocean breeze.
Freshly cut grass, but only if there are no onions in the yard.
Old Spice (my father's cologne/aftershave).
Chloe (my mother's perfume when I was little. I believe it has been discontinued).
Whole bean coffee. I love to stand on that aisle in the store and inhale. If the beverage tasted as good as it smells I would be perpetually wired.
A turkey or whole chicken roasting in the oven.
Freshly fallen snow.
The air right before it rains.
A live Christmas tree, there is nothing to compare to the real thing.

There are others I'm forgetting, it's hard to concentrate when your spoiled little dog keeps whining to be petted. (And there is one thing I deliberately left off). Please feel free to share the scents you enjoy.


rainbowCipher said...

Ahh smells... what a blessing (most of the time)...

Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. - Helen Keller

Mockingbird said...

My mother has no sense of smell. Never has. I (and all my sibs) can smell, although perhaps my mother's own anosmia explains my own, other mutations . . .

To many people, what my mom lacks is no big deal - if you had to pick a sense to go without, many people would choose that.

Not me, though. Not only from a safety standpoint - she can't smell spoiled food or fire - smell just adds so much to our lives. For me, wood smoke, the mix of hay and leather and horse in a barn, fresh laundry right off the line - these are all wonderful, comforting things. And more besides.

Stacked Librarian said...

Most people don't realize how much of what we believe to be "taste" is actually smell. I wouldn't want to live without it, although there are times when I wish mine wasn't so intense...but that's usually when smelling something foul, like skunk.

Mikey said...

The smell of the ocean air is my favorite smell next to right after it rains. The smell of the ocean air is what I look forward to. By the time we hit the city of Conway, I roll my window down the rest of the way to catch that first whiff of the ocean air.

rainbowCipher said...

@SL or dirty dish rags... yuck!

Stacked Librarian said...

what are you on about RC?

Mikey said...

lol, RC. I'm gonna start calling her 'RC Cola' at work. Although...I'll probably forget about this by tomorrow so odds are I won't unless I'm reminded or read this again while at work.

rainbowCipher said...

haha Mike's a n00b

@SL: you had said "...there are times when i wish mine wasn't so intense...but that's usually when smelling something foul, like skunk." and i said or dirty dish rags. They're horribly smelly.

Connie said...

Oh the smell of a barn full of fresh baled hay. Also the smell of leather saddle on a horse
the mix of the leather and horse.
Mike the smell of rain too is a good one. The smell of a baby puppy 2 or 3 weeks old puppy.