Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I swipped this idea

from another person's blog (thanks Chad!), so despite the lack of originality in the topic, the content will be highly original. So here they are, ten weird or secretive things about me.

1. When I'm bored (which is often) I decide what my friends would be if they were a dessert, a cereal, a color...well, you get the idea.

2. I hate celery with a passion and intensity normally reserved for those who have wronged me or the people I care about.

3. I was a cheerleader in high school, which isn't weird or very secretive, but since so many people say "you were a cheerleader?" upon hearing this I included it. Plus it goes with number four.

4. I can be painfully shy and/or awkward in certain social situations. Doesn't jive with having been a cheerleader now does it? But it's true.

5.I seem to have an inexplicable attraction to men with dimples in their chins. Ask me about it and I'll elaborate. It's rather frightening if you ask me.

6.I still read children's literature for fun. Don't laugh, it's really good.

7. Michael Jackson's Thriller video scared me so much as a kid that I would hid in the linen closet when it came on. And I did this because my sister ALWAYS wanted to watch it. Always!

8.I eat my cheeseburgers plain, just bread, meat and cheese.

9. I can't sleep if my feet are hot.

10. The only restaurant I wanted to eat at when I was really little was Denny's because you could get breakfast all the time. Now, the idea of eating there makes me queasy.


rainbowCipher said...

1. fun stuff! fun stuff! addicting to, I'll admit!

2. not even with peanut bu'er?

3. you were a cheerleader? nah, I'm just kidding!

4. i'm shy too. no, really. i am.

5. not frightening at all really... just sexi

6. nothing's wrong with a kids book every now and again.

7. who wouldn't be scared of Zombies? what would be worse though is if the then Zombie's looked like the now Michael Jackson. oh wait.. .they kinda do!

8. meh. ok.

9. i hate being hot. at all. but all i got to say is... cool them puppies off. (idk... random)

10. i do love me some breakfast foods though. yumm!!! but Denny's? i can see why it now makes you a bit queasy though.

*to my No.4... LOL

Stacked Librarian said...

2. No, not even with peanut bu'er. The celery contaminates the peanut bu'er.

5. Disconcerting then.

syrion said...

For the record, the cleft chin isn't actually a dimple in the technical sense of the word. The jawbone actually has a notch there.

Stacked Librarian said...

Really? It's a cleft in the chin? Always? Cause Cary Grant and George Clooney had/have a serious dent then now don't they? Well, that certainly explains why in some pictures a person looks like they have one and in others they don't. But I still find this interest to be disconcerting.

Mockingbird said...

Denny's. Well, it may be the "Denny's of Iniquity" after 2 AM, but you can't complain about the slabs of carrot cake they're willing to serve. Or maybe that's just me . . .

Stacked Librarian said...

The last time I ate at a Denny's was in college, with a certain ex-boyfriend who shall remain nameless. My one experience with Waffle House was also from dining (if you can call it that) with him. Yes, he was a big spender! Is it any wonder I dislike these places? Besides, my desserts are better than theirs. :)

amnbdad said...

I think I'd be Fruity Pebbles or maybe Boo Berry something sugary and bad for you, but lots of fun.

Stacked Librarian said...

Amnbdad, I agree that if you were a cereal you would have to be one that was sugary and lots of fun. I like the idea of a fruity cereal for you too, only because of the variety of flavors in one of those. Most of the monster cereals are all one flavor, with the exception of the two that are retired now, Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy. Whatever cereal you are needs marshmallows in it that's for sure. Mockingbird is already Lucky Charms though...

Mikey said...

Denny's is an awesome place. My grandfather used to take me to Schiele Museum and the Kings Mountain Battlegrounds 4 times a year in elementary school and middle school when I was going through my war and paleontologist phase. We used to always eat breakfast at Denny's before heading off to one of those two places.

Plus a couple of years ago when I was going around to all the places in town that had rock bands playing at them, the group I went with all the time (plus the members of whatever band played) would eat Denny's after the shows. Eating this big ol cheeseburger and awesome fries with Ranch dressing at 2-4am was always fun.

Stacked Librarian said...

I'm glad that you have such fond memories of Denny's. However, it doesn't matter how much you wax rhapsodic over it, you won't change my mind, or convert my stomach. Sorry. Thanks for commenting though!