Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.*

This weekend, I purchased the ingredients to make would should be a stupendous cake. One of these ingredients happened to be a bag of snack size Reese cups. (The recipe calls for two cups of chopped chocolate covered peanut butter cups.) I was under the impression that I needed to provide refreshments for a work function, but as it turns out the work function was canceled. I contemplated not making the cake, as I really don't need to eat any of it, but sadly, one of the ingredients won't keep until I return from the beach. However, the purpose of this blog is not to ramble on about a cake, but rather to discuss just how incredible a bag of Reese cups smell when you open the package. My dear friend Mockingbird was over for a visit last night and she asked if she could have one, and thus I opened the bag. My toes curled and my knees almost gave way when the luscious scent of chocolate and peanut butter came wafting out. Because of the time I managed a shred of self-control and did not eat any last night, but I know I will be weak this evening. I shall make the cake and bring it to work where we can gorge ourselves on the wonderful mingling of two of the best flavors in the world. It's registration, we've earned it.

*And I usually drag others along with me.


Mockingbird said...

Don't try to pin this on me! I still haven't eaten my mooched treat (although knowing that I had it was a great comfort to me at several points of today!)

Lady of the Woods said...

Cake your cake and I am going to miss it. I feel sad. Not fair not fair.

Stacked Librarian said...

Fear not Lady of the Woods! It appears that sloth has beaten gluttony down, aided by the knowledge that buttermilk keeps for longer than I had originally thought. We will have cake soon though. I haven't baked one in ages and I miss it.