Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From the Shelves 6

As this is October and thus the month of the creepy, kooky and altogether spooky holiday Halloween I have chosen a book that fits that genre. Or rather, a series of books. I am talking about the Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris. So far I have read the first three in the series and it is a fun, new take on the whole vampire mythology. In this world, vampires are real and have gone public, seeking rights etc. like normal people. They are able to do this in part because of the invention of synthetic blood. However, vamps aren't the only supernatural beings that exist.

The books revolve around Sookie Stackhouse, a blond barmaid with telepathy who happens to fall in love with a dead man (read: vampire)named Bill. Chaos and mayhem ensue as Sookie is thrust into the dangerous supernatural world, doing favors for big shot vampires, fighting off fundamentalist groups that wish to kill all vampires and their supporters, cavorting with shape shifters and catching murderers of the human variety.

The first book is Dead Until Dark, the second is Living Dead in Dallas and the third is Club Dead. The supernatural elements are well done, building on the ground work about vampires that we know so well, but adding creative touches here and there. The books are filled with humor, literary and mythological references, complex and interesting characters (human and otherwise) and a number of really good sex scenes. Sookie really comes into her own in the third book and I am tempted to go out and buy books four and five this weekend. (I really shouldn't since I need to re-read the book for my real life book club).

This series is pure fun but not altogether fluff. Sink your teeth into them. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the opportunity).


sandman96 said...

Chad has let me borrow Heart Shaped Box, which is from my understanding a horror novel/octoberish type book. The only problem is it may be January before I have time to read it. I REALLY need to read more. I enjoy it so much but seem to never find the time. Hopefully things will wind down soon.

amnbdad said...

Sounds great I'll try to check them out sometime. I've been reading the Pretty Freakin Scary series, which is like a third grade level book, but there still pretty good.

Mockingbird said...

Just read the first one while I was away - lots of time on a flight from Turkey! Really enjoyed this one - so much so that I'm planning to tear through the rest of the series!