Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Step into my stream

No, that isn't a come on. You'll get the reference in a moment. Be patient!

So, as my good friend Mockingbird pointed out last night, I have been incredibly slack with this blog. This has been for a number of reasons. In the first place, I have been very busy at work and don't have a computer of my own at home. Secondly, when I have thought of topics for a post, they have all been four to five sentences at most, and by golly, when I post I want it to be more substantial than that. Thirdly, stress is still a fairly big companion of mine as of late, although it has gotten better. I've been incredibly scattered this past month or so. How scattered? Let me take you through all that ran through my head on my way to pick up my lunch last Thursday.

Singing along with whatever song is playing. "My god! Who would choose to own anything in that color, let alone a mammoth SUV? I don't think I have seen anything in that lurid and violent shade of orange." Shudder. Back to singing. "Hummers really are the most ostentatious of all SUVs." More singing. "Come on light! Change! I'm hungry!" Hit replay. "Hmm....I know people who live here with that last name. I wonder if their family owns the septic service on that port-o-potty?" "It is almost two o'clock! Why are there so many cars?" "Please oh please let there be a parking space around the corner. Success!" Make small talk with employees of restaurant. Scurry back to car, feeling like the Voracious Craw. Zipping along, singing again. "What is this Explorer's problem? Drive your car!" "So hungry!" "Nice! It isn't my fault that my lane was moving so slowly! It was the honking white SUV! Oh and look, both of you are students! You should thank your lucky stars that I don't have access to the license plate info! Grr." Mellow out. "Hey I think that's Kenny!" "Please, oh please let there be a parking space near the front! Success!" "Oh look it's Shane! I would pitch a piece of mulch at him, but he's in class." "Please oh please don't let anyone else be in the break room! I am victorious again! And what's on t.v.? Ace of Cakes! Sweet! I love Duff! Hmm...I have a large amount of suspect lettuce in this salad."

Well you get the idea. So how did you like your dip into my stream of consciousness?

1 comment:

Mockingbird said...

"Voracious Craw"??

I know that reference . . . and don't fret. Scatterbrained-ness is rarely fatal, and it makes for interesting story-telling.

I, for example, am so out of kilter that I somehow allowed myself to run out of coffee. It is not a pleasant morning in the Mockingbird's nest. Any SUV in my way should fear me!