Wednesday, April 28, 2010

WWW Wednesday

Once again, the three W's of reading.

What did I just finish reading?
What am I currently reading?
What will I read next?

I just finished reading The Lost City of Z.
I am currently reading King Solomon's Mines. I know, it should be Educating Alice, which I have started, but I was so intrigued by Mockingbird's comment that her best beloved (and soon to be hubby) FryDaddy LOVED the Allan Quatermain novels that I started reading it instead. I'm loving it by the way.
I plan to read the rest of Educating Alice when I am done, although Boneshaker might jump ahead in line.


amnbsdad said...

Last Wednesday I didn't know what I was going to read next,now I do. I'm reading Jubal Sackett by Louis L'amour.

Librarian Who said...

I have never read anything by Louis L'amour. Have you read any of his other works?

Kathy (mommysreading) said...

Books are so pushy! Every week I plan my next read and every week some different book pushes itself to the front of the line. It makes me laugh when I read my old WWW posts and books I planned on reading in February have not been touched yet.

amnbsdad said...

Yes, I've read a few. And while there not great literature they are great reads. They don't call him America's story teller for nothing. In fact Hondo is actually one of my favorite books and is IMHO (lol) the quintessential western. If you'd like to read it and can't find it I've got a dogged eared copy you could borrow. Jubal Sackett is actually the fourth book in a series called the Sacketts in which L'amour wanted to trace an American family from it's first immigrant up till the time of the great American West. Rainey got me the entire series one year for Christmas and I'm working my way through them whenever I need a lighter read.

Rebecca :) said...

I have The Lost City of Z but haven't read it yet. I have heard it was very good. I will look for your review on it.