Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a plain old Wednesday

I would do a WWW Wednesday, but sadly I haven't read much since last Wednesday. In fact, I have only read one book since then, Bite Me, so I figured it would be a rather redundant post. Lots of stuff has been going on the prevented reading such as baking, jam making, movie watching, and playing Kung Fu Panda the video game. I have read a little more in Boneshaker and now that the action has increased I am liking it more. I have had it checked out for a really long time though and should probably return it. Plus, I have a hefty stack of books at home in my TBR pile, including the next book for my book club, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, which is a chunkster of a book so I should get on that.
I also have my dance recital this weekend, and I confess to being a wee bit nervous about it. I haven't danced on stage since I was 18, oh so long ago, and I'm out of practice. Not only that, but our costumes still weren't ready as of last week, which adds another whole layer of worry. Hopefully, after Saturday, I will get back to reading and will have a great WWW next week.

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amnbsdad said...

I've heard you don't tell dancers to break a leg you just say merde. So... Merde!