Saturday, August 25, 2007

Addendum to "what I've learned"

Looking back on the last blog I feel that a couple of the items need some clarification.

In regards to #6, while I firmly believe that this is true, I have to say that just because it can backfire on you that doesn't absolve you from doing good deeds.

For #16, if I offer to cook for you, and not just in a party situation, but actually cook for you personally, then you are a special person to me and should consider yourself lucky. Not to be smug or anything, but I do have a knack for it and it is an expression of affection. Just as if I tell you that you smell good it is like the ultimate compliment from me. But that's something else altogether.

For #17, the thrill of it is that I can keep it on a short lease. Chocolate has no power over me! Well, actually it does, especially if it is combined with peanut butter, but I can resist the siren song of temptation.

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