Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Books You've Read Over and Over and Over Again

Anyone who knows me knows I like lists. Grocery lists, packing lists, book lists, all sorts of lists. So I have been wanting to join in on this meme from Lost in Books for a while, but have finally found a time when my posting and her posting can coincide.

This weeks topic: 3 books you've read over and over again

It's hard for me to pick just three, as there are numerous books from my childhood that I read repeatedly. And if things have been particularly trying for me I will re-read an Elizabeth Enright, Noel Streatfeild or Beverly Cleary book. But I didn't think that was in keeping with the spirit of this list so I'm going with books that I re-read as an adult.

The first is A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. I promise not to start writing in French like I did oh so long ago when I reviewed it. I typically read this every year at some point. It is the book equivalent to comfort food. Interestingly enough I didn't re-read it last year. I guess there was too much to be happy about.

The second is The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore, also reviewed earlier on this blog. I re-read this every year (just about) at Christmas, for the same reasons I watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Christmas Story.

Finally, I would re-read each of the Harry Potter books after getting and reading the latest installment. Most people would re-read them before, but usually for me I would re-read them after to get more of that world, since that is how the books always left me feeling, wanting more.


Rebecca :) said...

I haven't read any of these books but you certainly have me intrigued on the first two! Amanda of The Zen Leaf has been encouraging me to read HP for a while. I have seen the movies that have come out though. A Year in Provence looks right up my alley. I need to get to it.

By the way, I absolutely love the sign at the top of your blog! Soo funny!

amnbsdad said...

I've only ever reread two books, there are plenty that I'd like to read again, but then again there's so many I haven't read yet. Including A Year in Provence, I remember you listing this as a favorite of yours and added it to my list of to be read books, I just haven't gotten to it yet. The Stupidest Angel is one I'd definitely like to read again, hilarious. Just for giggles the two I've read over and over are Siddhartha by Herman Hess and Hondo by Louis L'Amour.

Librarian Who said...

Thanks Rebecca! I love that sign too. I think you will really enjoy a Year in Provence, and as for The Stupidest Angel, if you like Monty Python and that sort of comedy you will like it. As long as you are okay with zombies.

Chad, you are always mentioning Siddhartha. I am just going to have to read it one day.

celi.a said...

Nice list! I've never read the first two, but I know the 'feeling' of wanting more from the Harry Potter series. I think it might be time for me to go back and read the whole thing over again. Great choices!

If you want, you can check out my list here.